Information for authors


The journal «Oncology» accepts manuscripts that have not been previously published and are not reviewed in other publications. The manuscript accepted for review process must be designed in accordance with the rules of the «Publications requirements». The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject articles that do not meet the requirements or topics of the journal.

A mandatory step is blind review by independent experts. According to the results of the review, the manuscript can be recommended for publication; recommended the revision and the introduction of appropriate changes (according to the comments of the reviewer); rejected as not meeting the requirements of the journal.
After receiving the opinion of reviewers with comments, the authors are given two weeks to finalize the article. When making all the necessary changes, the manuscript is sent for re-review, the results of which can be recommended for publication.

The editorial board reserves the right to literary and stylistic editing of the manuscript. The author agrees edits that may change the content of the article.


The Editorial Board assumes responsibility for ensuring quality review of all submitted manuscripts. All articles published in the journal undergo a one-sided blind review procedure by at least two independent experts, one of whom may be a member of the Editorial Board. The reviewers evaluate the compliance of the article and its titles with the subject of the journal, the scientific novelty of the research, the formulation of the tasks, the methodological level of the research, the presentation of the materials, the bibliography. The average time to complete the review process is one month.

Conclusions and comments are provided to the authors of the article without the signature of the reviewer. If there is one negative review, the manuscript is sent to another specialist. If there are two negative reviews the manuscript may be rejected. All controversial issues are considered at the meeting of the Editorial Board. The final decision on accepting or rejecting the manuscript remains with the Editor-in-Chief.


All received manuscripts are tested for plagiarism. The authors, in turn, guarantee the submission to the editors of the journal only the original manuscripts, not previously published in other editions. If the elements of the manuscript were published in another article, the authors are obliged to refer to their earlier work. Direct copying of parts of text, images or data from other articles without reference to the source and author is unacceptable. Non-observance of this principle is regarded as a gross violation of publication ethics and gives grounds for rejecting the manuscript.


Journal «Oncology» supports open access policies. All articles are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). Full access to articles is available immediately after publication.


The Editorial Board of the journal adheres to the recommendations approved by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) «Common requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals». Compliance with the rules of ethics of scientific publications by all participants in the process contributes to ensuring the rights of authors to intellectual property, eliminating the possibility of unlawful use of copyright materials in the interests of individuals, and improving the quality of the publication.

The authors provide the editors with a manuscript containing the results of original research, designed in accordance with the requirements of the journal. When preparing a manuscript, authors are obliged to comply with the legislation of Ukraine on the protection of intellectual property rights, the principles of scientific ethics. The authorship of the article is limited to those who have made the greatest contribution to the development, execution of the study and the presentation of its results.

The Editorial Board is responsible for making decisions on the publication or rejection of this manuscript based on the opinion of the reviewers; guarantees confidentiality of information and respect for copyright.

The reviewers should objectively assess the quality of the experimental and theoretical components of the manuscript, the compliance of the work with scientific and literary standards. Reviewers should not participate in the review of manuscripts in the presence of conflicts of interest with any of the authors or organizations associated with the submitted work.

Bioethical principles. Research using any materials of human origin or patient participation should be carried out in accordance with the norms of the 1975 Helsinki Declaration (revised 2000). All studies should be conducted only after obtaining the appropriate informed consent of the participant in the experiments.

Full or partial copying in any form of materials published in this publication is allowed only with the written permission of the publisher.
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