Efetov S.V., Cheripko O.N.

The paper analyzes a big deal of clinical cases — 1490 patients with rectal cancer (RC) radically operated in the Crimean Republican Clinical Oncologi- cal Health Center over a 20-year period — in terms of causes for the relapses of rectal cancer, their localization, sources, terms when the relapses were diagnosed, as well as immediate and distant outcomes of treatment. The oc- currence of relapses was 10,3%; operability — 60,9%; resectability — 42,6%; post-surgery lethality — 5,0%; 3-year survival rate after radical surgery — 52,6%, and 5-year survival rate — 29,6%. The analysis showed the drawbacksof the existing system of periodic health exami- nations of RC patients, as well as the surgery techniques applied to treat intra-intestinal relapses after abdominal- proctal resections and helped to find the ways to improve them. Due to this, a stable basis was established for de- veloping a new multifactor system for prognosticating RC relapses which optimizes monitoring and early diagnos- tics as well as a new surgery technique for relapses which helped improve the immediate and remote results of treat- ment (resectability with intra-intestinal and non-intesti- nal relapses increased by 44,5% and 21,5% respective- ly; 3-year survival rate grew by на 31,0%).

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