Zhylchuk A.V., Коrnilina Е.М., Kudryavets Yu.I., Maksymiak G.I., Nikolayenko A.N., Sozoniuk L.I.

Aim: to study the effectiveness of the use of Erbisol® Ultrapharm in the complex treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer (PC). Object and me­thods: 88 patients with PC in the Т2–4N0–1М0–1. 36 patients with mechanical obstructive obstruction of the bi­liary tract and duodenum have undergone surgical intervention according to indications. All patients received monochemotherapy with gemcitabine (1000 mg/m2, intravenously, 1-, 8-, 15-day, 4 courses at 28-day intervals). Control group — 42 patients received only monochemotherapy; main group — 46 patients received chemotherapy (CT) and Erbisol® Ultrapharm (intramuscularly; 16 cycles of 7 days: 5 days — 2 times a day (4 ml in the morning, 2 ml in the evening), 2 days — 1 time (2 ml in the evening). Two months after CT completion, 2 cour­ses of support and rehabilitation with Erbisol® Ultrapharm were conducted. The standard clinical, laboratory and instrumental methods of examination of patients were used. The observation time was 1 year. The efficacy of Erbisol® Ultrapharm was assessed by the le­vels of objective tumor response, the duration of the period of disease stabilization and survival of patients, the characteristics of their quality of life, and the parameters of toxicity. Results: the inclusion of Erbisol® Ultrapharm in basіс therapy contributed to improve the parameters clinical symptoms, reduced the effects of CT, decreased the severity of subjective complaints, improved quality of life for patients (Karnovsky-index in patients main group: 67.8% — before treatment and 70.0% — at the end of the investigation; in the control group — 67.9% and 60.0%, respectively). Partial regression of the primary tumor was noted in 39.1% in the main group and in 19.1% in the control group (p < 0.05). The duration of disease stabilization and overall survival were significantly higher in the main group compared with the control group (p < 0.05). Conclusion: the use of the drug Erbisol® Ultrapharm allowed to increase the effectiveness of treatment and to reduce the toxicity of CT of patients with PC stage T2–4N0–1M0–1.

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