Vyhovska Y.I., Mazurok A.A., Lebed H.B., Tsiapka O.M., Pelenyo N.V., Zotova O., Vyhovska O.Y.

Based on the analysis of results of laboratory research in 87 patients a set of initial diagnostic features of hairy cell leukemia (HCL) has been stated. There has been defined a diagnostic value of occurrence of lympho- cytes with definitive morphology – hairy cells (HC) in peripheral blood and/or bone marrow, hemocytopenias (in 78.6% of patients), results of cytological and histolog- ical research of bone marrow (infiltration of HC, reticu- lar fibrosis), activity of tartrate-resistant acid phospha- tase in lymphocytes, immunophenotype characteristics of tumor lymphocytes (pan-B+, CD23–, CD5–, CD10–, CD25+, CD11c+, CD103+). Additional diagnostic crite- rion is a high expression level on HC of Thomsen-Frie- denreich antigen, which is detected with the help of pea- nut lectin (PNA). Clear differences of laboratory signs of HCL in younger patients (≤40 years of age) and old- er patients (>40 years of age) are absent.

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